St.Anthony's Caring Foundation was formed out of a great need as defined by the caregivers at St. Anthony's Home Healthcare, a company that provides in-home services to clients, such as light housekeeping, preparing meals, and personal hygiene.

When reviewing clients' issues with her caregivers, St. Anthony's owner heard repeatedly how sad, angry, depressed and frustrated many of their clients were, and how those emotions, often expressed to caregivers in inappropriate ways, were affecting their ability to do their jobs effectively.

In an effort to improve her clients' lives, an Organizational Consultant and Spiritual Director who had a strong background in teaching and coaching emotional and spiritual issues was hired and asked to visit clients in order to identify the factors causing their suffering.

After extensive review of research into healthcare and spiritual literature, and an organizational assessment of issues and client/caretaker interviews, and comprehensive training a visiting program was developed and implemented in order to help clients find greater joy in their lives.

After a test period of almost three years in which personnel were hired and trained, and hundreds of hours of client visits were made and analyzed to determine results, it became clear that the Compassionate Care Companion program could make a real difference in lives of those who are suffering.

As a result, St. Anthony's Caring Foundation's C3 program was launched, offering clients of all ages and backgrounds a greater understanding of their need to move beyond their distress and embrace what joy and happiness is possible in their lives.

"If spiritual struggle, or distress caused by something in one's belief, practice or experience, is not identified and addressed, it will have an adverse effect on one's health." - David A. Lichter, D.Min

As with most small non-profits, St. Anthony's Caring Foundation is dependent on the generosity of those who believe in the work we are doing. Our focus is on those who suffer from a variety of issues that limit their ability to fully embrace and participate in life. We are making a difference in their lives, and to continue our work, we need funding. After learning more about this important work, we hope you will feel moved to offer your support at whatever level is comfortable by clicking the Donate button below.